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Did you know?

Interesting facts we bet you didn't know!

1. The first carbon fibre was actually used in a light bulb. In 1879, Thomas Edison used bamboo subject to high temperatures to create carbon fibre. It was ideal as a filament due to its fire retardant properties.

2. Carbon fibre is now used in medicine as a complement for regular skin in skin grafts.

3. Carbon fibre is five times as strong as steel, twice as stiff, and 1/3 the weight! Spider silk is as just as strong, and much lighter. Too bad it isn't stiff enough, or we'll be selling spider web bonnets on this website now.

4. In 1958, Dr. Roger Bacon, the inventor of the first proper strand of carbon fibre, estimated the cost of producing carbon fibre to be at US$10 million a pound. Thankfully his prediction did not come true, or we wouldn't have all the goodies we have on this site.

5. It's 4 a.m in the morning, and I really should be sleeping instead of typing this because we have over 30 bonnets to send out tomorrow.

6. You are reading this post, when you really should be shopping for your favourite carbon fibre goodies on 32deg.com


Cheers and goodnight!

Kelvin Lee

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    Kelvin Lee

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