First-Aid Kit


First-Aid Kit
First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit


Nobody wants to have to use one one these kits one day, but everyone wishes they had one of these around when an accident occurs, whether minor or major. Keep yourselves prepared for emergencies with our 12 piece first-aid kit.

The kit includes:

1. 1 x Triangular sling (96 x 96 x 136cm). Can be used as wound dressing or as a support for arm injuries.

2. 2 x Safety pins (3cm). Used to secure dressings.

3. 1 x PBT bandage (6 x 400cm). Elastic bandage used for wound dressings as areas such as elbows and knees, where movement is still required.

4. 1 x Pair of scissors (9cm). For cutting of dressings or clothing.

5. 2 x Sterile gauze pieces (5 x 5cm). For dressing of bleeding wounds.

6. 1 x Latex tourniquet (2.5 x 46cm). To stop bleeding for major arterial wounds or to slow the spread of venom for bites.

7. 1 x Woven tape (1.2 x 450cm). For securing of dressings.

8. 10 x Alcohol swabs (5 x 5cm). For the cleaning and disinfection of wounds before treatment.

9. 10 x Plasters (7.2 x 1.9cm). For the dressing of small wounds.

10. 4 x Povidone-Iodine prep pads (5 x 5cm). Used as an antiseptic for open wounds.

11. 1 x Pair of tweezers (12cm). Used for sterile removal of splinters or foreign objects from wounds.

12. 1 x First-Aid Kit Bag (20 x 14cm). Stores all the above equipment, easily recognisable by anyone who needs to use it.

Never leave home without one, you never know when one will save your life. Or at least save you from considerable prolonged pain.

6 x 400cm6 x 400cm6 x 400cm2.5 x 46cm